The following is a sample of some the Testimonials that Dorothy has received.


Dear Dorothy.

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and will now task myself with relaxing more and introducing bags of fun into my life. Feeling very positive and thrilled that my grandfather is still such a big part of my life.

All the best.

Candice, London.

Dear Dorothy.

I came to see you yesterday (Thurs) and I wanted to thank you so much for the whole experience. Not only are you a wonderfully warm and giving lady, but you gave me the chance to feel and hear my beautiful son once more. I left your home with a wonderfully warm, happy heart, so full of the joy and love that Paul always gave me. I'm an avid follower of John Edwards and have read his books with great delight. You gave me so much more than I dared hope for and I will always be so grateful to you.I look forward to reading your book too and I so hope we will meet again one day. I wish you a very long, healthy, happy life and hope others benefit as I know I have.

God Bless You.

Wendy, Exeter Devon.

Dear Dorothy.

Just a few words to thank you for the help and advice that I have had from you. I first met you in April last year and this the third reading for me all of which have been powerful and very meaningful, you have helped me so much through a very difficult time in my life, I can honestly say that I don't believe I could have managed it without you.

You are truly a very special gifted lady and I greatlly respect you. Thank you for putting me in touch with Anne, she has developed aspects of my inner being with great kindness and patience. Thank you again, you have helped me so much.

Love and Best Wishes.

Liz. Bideford, North Devon.

Dear Dorothy.

I would like to say a how much I benefited from the wonderful reading you gave me the other day. Thank you. You have helped me believe in myself and I am now feeling very positive. I felt you were remarkably accurate, both in understanding my personality and the happenings around me. I look foward to seeing you again in the future.

Thank you again.

Moira. Poole Dorset.

Dear Dorothy.

Many thanks for my time with you last week. It was greatly cheering and uplifting in so many different ways and although things continue difficult, I feel nown that the dawn of brighter times are close. Indeed, it may have already started, I had the meeting this week, which I had asked you about. It looks as if there will be some steady work developing from it, and this should I hope contribute to the acceptance and spread of the ' Kosmed Scanner ' - Fingers crossed ! Thanks so much for your support, I hope to see you again before to long. - Good Luck with the Book.

Yours Sincerely.

Richard, Honiton Devon

Dear Dorothy,

I hope you won't mind my writing to you, but I feel I can't let what you did for me pass without telling you what a real, deeply felt difference my hour with you has made. There is such a feeling of lightness, - removal of guilt and anxiety, now -even friends whoknow nothing of my meeting with you, have told me how much better I look (thinking it must be -The Devon Air) and I know it will not fade, many worries have now been put to rest for good.

Listening back to the disc severel times has shown me more than I took in at the time, very interesting and beautiful ideas have come through to me and I am grateful for it all.

Needless to say I only want to thank you, not to add to your work , - in other words of course I don't expect any reply, but I send my love and have wonderful memories to keep, of the sunfilled room and the beautiful countryside and harmonies, peaceful airs over all.


Bronwin. Cambridge Cambs.


Hi Dorothy,

I wanted to email you say how much I valued the Celebrate 'Yourself Workshop' last Saturday.

I have been telling myself I'm beautiful every morning and at odd times during the day and my new mantra has become simply 'I can' !

I valued the workshop so highly because it served to remind me that we are so much more than we remember ourselves to be and it helped me to see outside the thrall of so much social and family conditioning once again.

I really appreciate the simple, natural language both you and Nicki use; it's both personal and informative and gently makes so much wisdom available to the group.

The trust within the group was remarkable considering the majority of us were meant to be complete strangers! Your reminder that we are all equal at a soul level was very reassuring and in the moments that I experience this truth and others that you shared with us I actually feel whole and at one with myself and my life here.

You brought together a lovely group of women, thank-you.

Love and best wishes,

Carey, Devon

Dearest Dorothy,

I have been meaning to write to you for weeks - ever since the "Celebrate Yourself" seminar. It was such a wonderful day and I loved every minute of it. Thank you for all you said and did and especially thank you for - YOU ! - You are such an inspiration to the rest of us, having overcome so many major stresses and illnesses yourself and to emerged as a shining light at the other side. Just being in the same room was energising, uplifting and healing. Enormous thanks for a really Special Day.

Caroline, Salisbury Wiltshire

I started the day with a slight sense of anxiety, wondering how the day ahead would unfold, I needn't have worried!

The women only seminar was a delight, with inspirational talk from one of the most sincere women I have ever met Dorothy Chitty, we explored how our emotional energy is connected to our being, and how that in turn effects everyone around us, and how important self responsibility is for the individual, especially as a female.

Dorothy herself has many qualities, but none less than her enthusiasm to help and encourage others, the day was exciting and up-lifting. At times it felt as though Dorothy was talking only to me, as the words she spoke resonated so appropriately and deeply with me, I found out afterwards than many of my fellow partakers felt the same.

We laughed, we cried, but we all took away a greater sense of self, I certainly came away energised, positive and confident about many aspects of my life. I can't recommend this one day experience more highly, to all women at every age and stage of their lives, you will have such a wonderful day with great company, I know that some of the ladies I met that day, will be in my life for a long time to come.

So thank you to Dorothy, for who you are and what you give to us all.

Lindsay, Devon.

Hello Dorothy,

I just wanted to ' officially ' saya big thank you for an enjoyable and uplifting day on Saturday.

Having not attended anything like that before,I did not know what to expect

Your words were spoken with wisdom and integrity; truly inspirational.

I came away uplifted, positive and ready to take on the world ! At the end of the day, I noticed a positive change in everyone who attended without exception.

I hope more and more people will benefit from the love and kindness that you exude and that the world will eventually be a better place for everyone.

Bless You!

Jan, Sidmouth Devon.

Dear Dorothy,

Very many thanks for such a lovely, informative and thought provoking day.

I so enjoyed your company and experiencing some of your awesome awareness certainly did switch on a light inside me.

Ah, a breath of fresh air!

Sally, Devon.


Do not under estimate the power of these workshops, gentle though they seem.

Everyone produced change and there series was a boost to spiritual development.

The Beautiful journeys through the chakras were as illuminating as they were enjoyable.

Each was a magical day.

Warmly recommended.

Annie Paxton, Somerset

Dorothy's workshops are my spiritual gift to myself. It is one day's space in a busy month that is given solely to my spiritual and personal development. The meditation in the morning is true connection with spirit, it quietens my mind. The occasional, unexpected change to the journey lets us know spirit leads us, fulfilling our ever changing needs. Afterwards we share our journey and Dorothy helps us interpret our spiritual gifts and experiences.

The afternoons are used to practise our sensitivity by reading for each other under Dorothy's guidence, through photographs or feeling each others energy fields or helping each other access past lives.

The workshops help me truly connect with spirit, and makes my heart soar. It is now a feeling I take home and use every day of my life. Dorothy has helped me access the world of spirit and this fulfills my life more than words can ever explain.

Katie, Devon

I have attended two sets of Dorothy's workshops for "Spititual Development" over the past eighteen months, they have been truly an inspirational experience. During a time when I was experiencing a personal crisis in my life, the workshop came at the right time, I was able to develop ways to access my higher self and become familiar with the "Spiritual World" which now sustains me in my life. Through using the techniques I learnt on the course I have been able to incorporate them into my everyday life. With the acknowledgment of spirit in my life, guiding and helping me I have found a new self confidence and freedom to make changes for the better.

I am still learning, I still have my 'down days' , however I now know how to and more importantly have the self confidence to access my 'higher self' to ask for help. I would recmmend anyone who is committed to personal and spiritual growth to attend one of Dorothy's workshops, they are a safe, supportive and sensitive forum in which to grow and become the person you truly want to be.

Jon, Chumleigh, Devon

Hi Dorothy.

I have been meaning to write to you all week, I don't really know where to start in regard to the course,so I'm just going to write !

On the way down, back in March on a very rainy day for my session I was apprehensive to say the least. I was unsure what to expect and not quite sure what was going to happen. Within 5 minutes of arriving and meeting the rest of the group I found myself unbelievably relaxed with the company I was going to be with on my course for the next few weeks.

Each day pushed me to new boundaries both for myself and spiritually too. It was really good to interact with the rest of the group with the different workshops in the afternoon. Mornings consisting of a meditation to really connect and open ourselves up going through each Chakra, not just doing but really feeling the energies. Each day brought to me personally more balance and clearing which has undoutedly helped me to progress to heights I did'nt think I could get to.

If I could sum the course up in a few words I would say that was simply enlightening in every way in all ways , Mind, Body and Spirit, Dorothy is someone you want to listen too and learn from, she is truly gifted, and has helped me to understand with more clarity, to bring balance to myself . In a world where there seems to be so much unbalance, the course has reminded me of the bigger picture, that we are one with all and to go with the flow for the highest good for all concerned.

I'm glad I have written this down as its the very least I could do. I know there is more for me to learn and to understand, I am not sure at this stage or how to go about doing it, for now I need to absorb what I have learned and to see what the next stage is to bring. Dorothy if you have an insight let me know !!!!

Thank you once again for everything.

Kindest regards.

Oliver, Fulham, London

Book - Are You Psychic?

Dear Dorothy,

I am writing as you have given my heart such peace, I have newley realized I have some spiritual gift and found that your book has opened my eyes to what I have noticed inside myself, I found that I could not put the book down (ARE YOU PSYCHIC) until I had completed it. It has given me the safety and comfort in just knowing what is happening to me is safe and normal.

After doing your exercises my life has somewhat expanded to say the least, I saw my guides two archangles and now know I have purity and safety with me and know I can do positive things for people with comforting guidence. I went outside to tell my husband about my meditating and the angles, when he said to me - Whats that on the ground? - and when I looked down there were 'pure white feathers' all around me, my husdand said - ok, where are the rest of the feathers are there more in your pockets? - well there were no more feathers to be found and not a bird in sight, well I guess I was somewhat sceptical wanting some kind of proof of what I was seeing and hey I guess they made me see it clearly and in the presence of my husband so he could see for himself and not just me seeing it. (All I can say is Amazing !!!!).

Well I wanted to share this with you as your book has really helped me develop from the exercises, and if you ever have any further advice for me I would be most gratefull to hear from you.



Dear Dorothy,

I am delighted and blessed to come incontact with one of your highly distinguished book that is purely encouraging in all ramification of human endeavours... ARE YOU PSYCHIC? As this is not suffice, my daily vaccum thoughts of success disappeared the moment I sketched through testimonies experienced since your psychic career began.

For this reason, I therefore call and beg for your motherly assistance by any means necessary. I live in Brussels - Belgium with my small family. Please keep in touch while thanking you for being there. My regards to the family and workshop members.

Gideon Nike Peters